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DC Power Socket QC 3.0 + Voltmeter (12V/24V DC, 10A)

DC Power Socket QC 3.0 + Voltmeter (12V/24V DC, 10A)

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Introducing our DC Power Socket with integrated QC 3.0 and Voltmeter, designed for both 12V and 24V DC systems. This advanced power socket features dual USB chargers, providing a reliable and fast charging solution for your devices. The integrated voltmeter display allows you to monitor your vehicle's battery voltage in real-time, ensuring optimal performance and safety. Made from fire-resistant ABS material, this socket is built to last and withstand harsh conditions.

Key Features:

  • Dual Voltage Compatibility: Supports both 12V and 24V DC systems, perfect for a variety of vehicles and equipment.
  • High Current Capacity: Provides up to 10A, ensuring sufficient power for multiple devices.
  • QC 3.0 USB Port: Enables quick charging, up to 4 times faster than conventional chargers.
  • Dual USB Ports: Includes two 5V, 2.1A USB ports for charging a variety of devices.
  • Integrated Voltmeter: Real-time DC voltmeter display for monitoring vehicle battery voltage.
  • Fire-Resistant Construction: Made from high-quality, fire-resistant ABS material for enhanced safety and durability.
  • Easy Installation: Comes with standard wiring for straightforward installation, compatible with existing sockets or custom mounting locations.
  • Safety Features: Built-in protection against over-current, over-voltage, and short-circuit conditions.


  1. Ultra-Fast Charging: QC 3.0 technology provides rapid charging, significantly faster than conventional chargers.
  2. Versatility: Dual voltage compatibility (12V/24V DC) makes it suitable for various vehicles and equipment.
  3. Real-Time Monitoring: Integrated voltmeter display allows you to monitor your vehicle's battery voltage, helping prevent battery issues.
  4. Safety: Constructed from fire-resistant ABS material and equipped with comprehensive protection features.
  5. User-Friendly: Easy installation with standard wiring, and dual USB ports offer convenient charging for multiple devices.
  6. Durability: Built to withstand daily use and harsh conditions, ensuring long-lasting performance.


  • Automobiles: Ideal for cars, trucks, and SUVs, providing fast charging and battery monitoring for a range of devices.
  • Marine: Suitable for boats and marine vessels, ensuring reliable power and quick charging for marine electronics and accessories.
  • Recreational Vehicles: Perfect for RVs and motorhomes, keeping gadgets charged and providing real-time battery voltage monitoring during road trips and camping.
  • Commercial Vehicles: Useful for fleet vehicles, delivery trucks, and other commercial vehicles, ensuring drivers stay connected and devices stay charged while monitoring battery health.
  • Agricultural Equipment: Suitable for tractors and other agricultural machinery, providing power and fast charging for essential equipment and devices in the field.
  • Outdoor and Adventure: Excellent for off-road vehicles and outdoor adventures, offering dependable power, rapid charging, and battery monitoring in rugged environments.


  • Input Voltage: 12V/24V DC
  • Output Voltage: Same as input voltage
  • Current Rating: Up to 10A
  • USB Ports:
    • 1 x QC 3.0 USB
    • 2 x USB (5V, 2.1A each)
  • Voltmeter Display: Integrated real-time DC voltmeter
  • Material: Fire-resistant ABS construction
  • Dimensions: Standard size for universal fit
  • Color: Black

Package Includes:

  • 1 x DC Power Socket QC 3.0 + Voltmeter (12V/24V DC, 10A)
  • Installation instructions

Stay powered and informed with our DC Power Socket featuring QC 3.0 and an integrated voltmeter. Ideal for a wide range of applications, this socket offers fast, reliable charging and real-time battery monitoring. Order yours today and experience enhanced convenience, safety, and performance!

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