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OBDeleven Introduces Basic OBD2 Diagnostics for Every Car Brand

A growing number of daily drivers are becoming more interested in their vehicles. But the more advanced cars become, the harder it is for daily drivers to understand various issues and faults. It's estimated that at least 25-30% of all faults come from vehicle engines and show common fault codes that could be easily identified and cleared with the proper tools.  

The increased demand for a unified and simplified method for basic vehicle engine diagnostics gave us a reason to introduce a new feature – standardized OBD2 engine diagnostics functionality for every car brand owner. 

Engine diagnostics made easier 

Our device was initially designed as a smart vehicle assistant that helps daily drivers and professionals communicate with their cars. While we've been previously focused on expanding OBDeleven's functionalities for Volkswagen Group (VAG) and select BMW Group models, a growing number of users and enthusiasts expressed a need for a single feature that would answer the main issue of engine diagnostics for all car brands.   

Here’s what the newly introduced Basic OBD2 Diagnostics feature allows you to:   

Diagnose every car brand’s engine-related problems by scanning & reading fault codes stored in a vehicle's engine control unit and identify the fault cause from OBDeleven's entire fault database information.
Clear fault codes from a vehicle's ECU (Electronic Control Units) once various faults have been resolved. 

OBDeleven’s NextGen functionalities explained 

From now on, every OBDeleven NextGen device owner will be able to run engine diagnostics tests for every car brand that supports the CAN-bus protocol. As a rule of thumb: if your car is manufactured from 2008 and up, you’ll be able to scan it with OBDeleven.

With the newest Basic OBD2 Diagnostics feature, our device now has unique functionalities for different car brands, meeting the needs of a professional, enthusiast, or daily driver. To avoid confusion, it’s important to highlight the main differences. 

Volkswagen Group (VAG) drivers can access Advanced Diagnostics for all control units of their vehicles, perform manual coding with Professional Features, or use One-Click Apps for car customizations.
BMW Group drivers can access Advanced Diagnostics for all control units of their vehicles or use One-Click Apps for car customizations.
All other CAN-bus supporting car brand drivers can access Basic OBD2 Diagnostics, which allows them to scan, read, and clear fault codes stored in a vehicle's engine control unit.  

To accommodate this new feature, OBDeleven’s mobile apps were also updated: 

OBDeleven VAG app – Advanced Diagnostics, One-Click Apps, and Professional Features for all Volkswagen Group (VAG) vehicles. 
OBDeleven app – Advanced Diagnostics and One-Click Apps for BMW (F, G, and I–series), MINI (F-series), and select Rolls-Royce models, and Basic OBD2 Diagnostics for all brands supporting the CAN-bus protocol, such as Ford, Mercedes, Toyota, etc.  

Both mobile applications are available on Google Play, App Store, and AppGallery

Looking toward the future   

Our experience in developing a diagnostic tool helped us incorporate a new feature which is also why we will continue observing our customer’s needs and feedback. While the Basic OBD2 Engine Diagnostics is a relatively straightforward feature, it's still a leap forward that begins an exciting journey of a new chapter for us in supporting multiple car brands and models.  

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