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OBDeleven All you need to know

Supported vehicle list

Meet OBDeleven

OBDeleven - a smart diagnostic tool for understanding and improving your car.

Small Bluetooth device lets fully access your vehicle, monitor all systems, read and clear faults and activate various functions.

 Next Gen:

The next gen devices are made to work with IOS and Android, the first gen only works on Android devices.

Easy to use

Just plug it into the OBDII port, download the application and start a conversation with your car via your smartphone.

Vehicle identification – One-click functions  – Read/Clear/Share fault codes


Supported vehicles




Unlock new features of your car with just a click of a button. 

Preconfigured functions for daily users which doesn't require any additional knowledge about vehicle programming. Choose from 700 different applications for various vehicles.
- Perform service
- Adjust car lights 
- Control comfort system settings
- Activate functions after retrofits
- Unlock cool visual features
- Add more features
- Disable unwanted functions*

The system is constantly updated creating new features and expanding capabilities to meet the needs of the modern driver.

*All apps cost credits

Standard or PRO license?

OBDeleven is an innovative cloud-based automotive diagnostic software for every car enthusiast. It can be upgraded with PRO license for those who have advanced knowledge about the cars, enabling for programming, monitoring, and much more special features.


Standard functions:

Automatic vehicle identification from VIN

Read and clear diagnostic trouble codes from all control units

Read information about the control unit

Diagnostic data log sharing via email

Observe battery status


Log connected cars history

Engine, Equipment and Fault code lookups


PRO functions:

Trouble code Freeze frame

Advanced control unit information

Live data / Charts

Coding / Coding II / Long coding

Sub control units Information

and coding

Gateway installation list

Adaptation / Long adaptation

Output test

Security access / Login finder

Control unit reset (UDS), backup and programming history

Diagnostic service change

Car programming history and backup

Basic settings


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