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How to connect in 3 easy steps - OBD2 Torque Pro Android

Here are the three easy steps to connect to ELM327 OBD2 Bluetooth device on Android via the Torque Pro app. (applies to Torque Lite as well)

There are many different ELM327 devices on the market,
this method is specific to this type of device but may work on others.

OBD2 OBDII Location
Step 1:

Locate your OBD2 port on your vehicle, this is different for each manufacturer and can be easily searched online.
My Mercedes A200's is located under the right side dash board.

Insert the OBD2 device into the OBD2 port, it can only fit one way around.

After inserting, turn on the ignition. If you have a key-less go, start the car.

Step 2:

From here go to your android device, search Blue Tooth devices. It should show up as OBD2, insert the pin 1234.

Open the Torque Pro App.

In the Androids notification bar it should show "Torque Connected", indicating that the App is connected to the ECU.

If it does not automatically connect, go to Torque Pro Settings - OBD2 adaptor setting - and choose the OBD Bluetooth device.

Step 3:

The final step is to test the devices connection, the quickest way is to select "Real time Information" and start the car. The live information should show immediately. 

You can also verify by checking the "Fault Codes". The green light on the device will flash when communicating with the app

If all is OK you will not get any errors, if you do find faults the Torque Pro app will give you a generic overview of the problem.

If you still cant get it to connect with the app you can try using a different app,
if that still does not work check if your cars protocol is supported by the device

And that is it, it is easy and simple to connect to this powerful app that will allow you to read and understand what is happening with your car cars.

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